Sunday, 24 June 2012

Jiri Borkovec - Czech Him Out!

This is Jiri Borkovec known in bodybuilding circles as the living sculpture – and to be honest it is not difficult to see why – ripped is hardly the world for this amazing athlete. The 26 year old nutritionist and personal trainer hails from the Czech Republic where many of the world’s best bodybuilders and fitness models come from these days, it seems!

His titles are too many to mention but he gained 2nd place –at the NABBA International Austrian Open in 2011 and an astounding 1st place at the NABBA World Championships 2010. In fact in all his competitions he has place below second only once. So just how did he get and maintain his incredible physique?

Believe it (and we learned this at his great website!) or not, the one real lesson he learned was not too lift too heavy weights. Since 2007 he has realized that muscle tension and feeling the exercise is means more than weights. The results are self evident – and we love the way in any video of Jiri that we see that his smile is almost as broad as his shoulders!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Alan Valdez – Model Universe 2012 Champion

Alan Valdez has been creating quite an online presence over the last few years with some great photo shoot pictures not to mention his own YouTube channel.  The 24 year old fitness model and personal trainer has recently been celebrating another career enhancing moment – when he won the overall male champion of Model Universe. Alan, who stands tall at 5'11and weighed 193 pounds at the time of his win is looking fitter and more muscular each time he releases a new video – two of which you can see here.

Alan, who hails from Mexico but lives and works in Miami has his own dedicated website (click here or on the picture above) offers an online personal training service or indeed one to one if you are lucky enough to live in Miami! Perhaps lucky is the wrong word. With a face and a body like that it would probably be quite difficult to pay much attention to the teaching!

The first video shows highlights of Alan Valdez winning the Model Universe 2012. The one below, however, is a little more personal - not to mention close up! One of the things we like about Alan is that he doesn't mind showing what he has worked so hard to achieve! Thanks Alan!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Michal Kowalski - Polish Perfection

This is 25 year old Michal Kowalski, a Polish bodybuilder and fitness trainer who lives and works in London (at a Fitness First branch).  You can see him here both in competition at the UK Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (UKBFF) 2012 and doing the same posing routine in more informal surroundings.

Kowalski is a supremely confident performer with a twinkle in his eye that speaks volumes, not least about his confidence in himself – he is very much at ease in his own skin.

Plus there is something almost courteous in his composure – a kind of this is me, what do you think? It’s almost as if he is slightly self mocking, surprised to be getting all this attention. But he is effortlessly sexy and he leaves you wanting more. If he continues to develop his online presence with this kind of video, then attention is pretty much what he is going to get!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Ezequiel Martinez - Bath Time!

His very name means strength, strong – or if you want to take it to its extreme then almighty may well be the word you are looking for. Certainly Ezequiel Martinez has muscles on muscles – the strength in his body is self-evident.

How many years he must have spent in gyms in his home country of Mexico is anyone’s guess but when it comes to showing off all those years of hard work then Ezequiel is forthcoming.

Here we get to see him taking a bath – not that he spends too much time with the soap – he is too busy showing us those mile wide muscles which made him so popular in the dance clubs of Mexico City.

There may be a certain arrogance to his demeanor but to be perfectly honest, we love that – when your body is that perfect then a little pride in your appearance is completely acceptable! So, ready for some flexing from one of the world’s most beautiful men? Take it away, Ezequiel!

Monday, 23 May 2011

Nick Scott - Inspirational Wheelchair Bodybuilder

Back in 1998 Nick Scott had an accident while driving his car that would have repercussions for him for the rest of his life.  Thrown out of the driver’s side window, Nick literally collided with his car in mid air.  To save his life, titanium rods had to be vertically bolted to his spine.  Nick had broken his back and was diagnosed as a paraplegic.

That day something ended for Nick – he was told that he would never walk again.  Yet something new was also born and Nick has become the best known face of wheelchair bodybuilding and runs and contributes to an enormous forum devoted to the sport.

Since 2006 Nick has appeared in many bodybuilding competitions and this video takes a look at this inspirational odds.  This man, despite devastating injuries, has beaten all the odds.  This video will help motivate you and to embrace your own life.  Take the challenges as they come – and overcome them one by one just like Nick.

The Incredible Antoine V

Do you want to know how you might look after eight years of hockey, 5 years of martial arts and six years of bodybuilding? Then take a look at Antoine Vaillant (or simply Antoine V as he is known) who at 23 years old and just under six foot in height is the epitome of what you can achieve with determination and guts.

He maintains that although he tried a number of sports before he found bodybuilding, once he started going to the gym regularly and put thirty pounds on in one month he knew he had found his sporting vocation.

Like many other bodybuilders, Antoine has his own website which you can see here.  On it he gives all sorts of training and nutritional advice, as well as giving you support and encouragement to reach your own muscular fitness goals.  He also works as a personal trainer, so if you are looking for one you can join up to his personalized training programs on his site. 

OK, over to you, Antoine!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Daniel Hill: Star Child

German IFBB pro bodybuilder Daniel Hill in a tribute to the classic movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, posing to the theme from Also Spake Zarathustra by composer Richard Strauss.

Daniel has his own website, which tells his story. It is quite a story, too.  He has been through plenty of low points when it comes to his body and how he thought about it.  There was one point at which some of his friends thought he might be anorexic.  However, his is a story of triumphing over the odds and the self doubt.

He has plenty to say about training and life in general. It seems that if there is one thing he has learned through his years of bodybuilding that if you are willing to work hard even then you may fail. When you do though, you have to get right up and start again, reaching for your goals.

For Daniel Hill that is the true meaning of bodybuilding. Through training you can become a better person because of the disciplines involved. Something worth listening to: after all, the discipline, honesty and willpower needed to build muscles to Daniel’s point is something we can aspire to, at the very least.