Saturday, 29 October 2011

Ezequiel Martinez - Bath Time!

His very name means strength, strong – or if you want to take it to its extreme then almighty may well be the word you are looking for. Certainly Ezequiel Martinez has muscles on muscles – the strength in his body is self-evident.

How many years he must have spent in gyms in his home country of Mexico is anyone’s guess but when it comes to showing off all those years of hard work then Ezequiel is forthcoming.

Here we get to see him taking a bath – not that he spends too much time with the soap – he is too busy showing us those mile wide muscles which made him so popular in the dance clubs of Mexico City.

There may be a certain arrogance to his demeanor but to be perfectly honest, we love that – when your body is that perfect then a little pride in your appearance is completely acceptable! So, ready for some flexing from one of the world’s most beautiful men? Take it away, Ezequiel!

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